SET equipment’s include a wide range of electrochemical instrumentation: three Gamry Instruments, two Rohrback Cosasco and two Metal Samples systems. For high pressure and high temperature, SET has more than 100 high pressure vessels ranging from 300 ml to 10 gallons and with pressure capabilities up to 32,000 psi and temperature up to 800ºF. Thirty of the pressure vessels are used as rotating cage apparatus. Other corrosion testing equipment’s include two flow loops, more than 10 bubble testing apparatus, two Rotating Cylinder Electrode (RCE) apparatus and two autoclave rotating cylinder apparatus. Supporting instrumentation used for other type of testing and research include a Jasco FTIR, an Applied Separation Spe-Ed supercritical fluid extraction unit, a Shimadzu gas chromatograph, a Keyence 3D profilometer and Nikon microscope, several Waters and Shimadzu HPLC pumps, several automated cooling and heating baths, several low pressure pumps of different size and flow rate, several ovens and incubators, several analytical balances, Metrohm titrator, several pH meters, a Cole-Parmer centrifuge and all general laboratory glassware and instruments needed to prepare and de-aerate the testing fluids, for separation of oil/water, for chemical compatibility, scale, emulsion and hydrate inhibitors testing.